The Polish Junior League of Massachusetts, Inc.

The Polish Junior League of Massachusetts, Inc. was organized in April of 1939 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The Constitution and By-Laws were adopted September 28, 1939. Articles of Association (Charter) were granted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on September 30, 1939.

Rules and Regulations

1. Calendar. The fiscal year of The Polish Junior League of Massachusetts, Inc., herein after referred to as the "League" extends from September to June with meetings suspended during the months of January, February, July, and August.

2. Meetings. Regular meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise designated.

Order of business at regular meetings:

    a. Secretary's report
  • b. Correspondence
  • c. Treasurer's report
  • d. Financial Secretary's report
  • e. Committee reports
  • f. Unfinished business
  • g. New business
  • h. Adjournment

3. Membership. The membership of the League shall consist of women of Polish extraction or who are related to persons of Polish descent or interested in carrying on Polish heritage and traditions, over 18 years of age, of good character and community standing. They shall be high school graduates or equivalent.

4. New Members. New member applications will be considered at any time and must be recommended by at least three members of the Board of Directors. They may be voted in at any meeting of the membership. New member applications need to be sent to the Membership Secretary, then to the Financial Secretary and finally to the President.

5. New Member Responsibilities. New members shall attend meetings regularly, model or assist at the annual fashion show, and carry out duties assigned them by an officer or committee chair.

6. Installation of Members, Officers. New members and officers shall be installed at the September meeting. They may not be installed by proxy if unable to attend the Installation ceremony. However, they may be installed at a future meeting.

7. Dues. An entrance fee of $5.00 is payable when submitting application for membership. Dues are $15.00 a year payable annually before December 31 of each year. Members will be assessed a $5.00 late fee if dues are not paid by December 31. If dues are not paid by March 31st of the Club’s calendar year, a letter will be sent stating that the members are delinquent and asking the club member if they still wish to retain their membership in the League or they will be taken off the roster after 30 days.

8. Resignations. Resignations (written preferred) should be submitted to the membership secretary. Once a member severs her relations with the League, she must apply for reinstatement.

9. Honorary Membership. Women who have performed some distinguished public service may be elected as an honorary member by the Board of Directors.

10. Quorum. A quorum at any meeting shall consist of those members present. A majority vote of the members present shall carry any motion presented before a meeting.

11. Election of Officers. The President shall select a Nominating Committee of no more than three members at least one month before elections. The committee shall elect its own chair. The nominating committee shall present a slate of candidates for each office. In the event that candidates are not available for any office, nominations will be accepted from the floor. Voting may be by voice, hand or paper ballot. The candidate receiving the majority of votes shall be declared duly elected. Only members in good standing are allowed to vote and hold office.

12. Amendments. Rules and Regulations may be amended at any regular meeting of the League by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

13. Officers. Officers include: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary.

14. Committees. Chairs are required for: Publicity, Sunshine, Librarian, Ways & Means, and Scholarship.

15. Programs. Chairs are required for: Dinner meetings (September and May), Fashion Show (October), Wigilia (December), President's Tea (June), and Programs for November, March and April.

16. Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the elected officers and four members elected from the past Presidents. The previous year's President automatically becomes Chair of the Board of Directors.

16A. Board of Directors Meetings. can be held one-half hour to one hour prior to a regularly scheduled meeting and or immediately after a regularly scheduled meeting.

17. Duties of Officers.

  • The President shall be the executive officer of the League and shall preside over all meetings of the League. She shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of the President. In the event of her absence and that of the Vice President, she shall appoint a presiding officer for the meeting.
  • The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall preside at meetings of the League. She shall also perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office or may be assigned her by the President.
  • The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings of the League. She shall inform the membership of all communications received and write correspondence on behalf of the League.
  • The Membership Secretary shall keep the records membership. She shall send notices of meetings to the members and perform such other duties pertaining to her office as may be assigned her by the President.
  • The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the League and deposit same in the official depositories. She shall sign all checks, receive all bills due and make prompt payment. She shall keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures and present a report at each meeting. Her accounts and books shall be open to inspection by the President and any authorized auditors. She shall make an itemized report annually. She shall file the annual Certificate of Condition by required due date.
  • The Financial Secretary shall keep the records of membership dues. She shall collect dues and promptly turn them over to the Treasurer. She shall send notices of dues in arrears. (See #7)
  • Program Chairs shall have authority over the function for which they have the responsibility. They shall arrange such functions to benefit the League. Suggestions may be made to program chairs by any member.
  • Committee Chairs shall have authority over the function for which they have responsibility:
  • Publicity Chair shall concern herself with the material and media by which the public is informed of the Leagues objectives, functions and achievements.
  • Sunshine Chair shall promote a sympathetic understanding by sending remembrances during periods of illness or bereavement of members. Gifts shall also be presented to members on occasion of marriage and birth of first child.
  • Librarian shall be custodian of all League property.
  • Ways & Means Chair shall promote fund raising as determined by the membership.
  • Scholarship Chair shall convene her committee to review scholarship applications and select winners.
  • Board of Directors shall review and recommend the management of all affairs of the League. The Board shall hold meetings as needed. A quorum at any meeting shall consist of fifty percent of the Board. A two-thirds vote of the members present shall carry motions presented before any meeting of the Board. The Chair of the Board conducts the Installation of the new officers and members.

Charter Members

Josephine Niedzielski Karwoski
Bertha Olko
Alice D. Stahelski
Helen Grabowski Weber
Helene Matuszek Dyson
Anne M. Jegelewicz Piszczek
Mella M. Boron Ziemnisky
Stephanie M. Szczygiel
Stephanie S. Misiaszek Drelich
Stella M. Olko


1939 Josephine Niedzielski
1940 Anne Jegelewicz
1941 Dorothy Zielinski
1942 Dorothy Zielinski
1943 Stephanie Szczygiel
1944 Nellie Wozniak
1945 Nellie Wozniak
1946 Adeline Gerisco
1947 Adeline Gerisco
1948 Jean Kempisty
1949 Jean Kempisty
1950 Stephanie Szczygiel
1951 Wanda A. Myslek
1952 Wanda A. Myslek
1953 Delphine Skiba
1954 Jean Kempisty
1955 Alice Chwalek
1956 Alice Chwalek
1957 Marcella Jamieson
1958 Lucy Baranowski
1959 Lucy Baranowski
1960 Stasia Dobek
1961 Wanda A. Myslek
1962 Wanda A. Myslek
1963 Barbara Dyjak
1964 Barbara Dyjak
1965 Joanne K. Frodyma
1966 Joanne K. Frodyma
1967 Theresa Szewczyk
1968 Genevieve Stanek
1969 Carol Boardway
1970 Carol Boardway
1971 Cynthia Baker
1972 Cynthia Baker
1973 Dorothy Kleeberg
1974 Dorothy Kleeberg
1975 Judy Targonski
1976 Judy Targonski
1977 Roberta O'Neill
1978 Roberta O'Neill
1979 Maryanne Cierpial
1980 Maryanne Cierpial
1981 Patricia Meade
1982 Patricia Meade
1983 Patricia Meade
1984 Kathy Schelb
1985 Kathy Schelb
1986 Patricia Bogia
1987 Patricia Bogia
1988 Patricia Bogia
1989 Patricia Bogia
1990 Helen Kapinos
1991 Helen Kapinos
1992 Catherine Bisikirski
1993 Catherine Bisikirski Fountain
1994 Catherine Bisikirski Fountain
1995 Kara Kapinos Brighenti
1996 Phyllis Bisikirski
1997 Phyllis Bisikirski
1998 Phyllis Bisikirski
1999 Phyllis Bisikirski
2000 Phyllis Bisikirski
2001 Eileen Walczak
2002 Eileen Walczak
2003 Eileen Walczak
2004 Eileen Walczak
2005 Eileen Walczak
2006 Eileen Walczak
2007 Eileen Walczak
2008 Kathy Godek
2009 Kathy Godek
2010 Kathy Godek
2011 Kathy Godek
2012 Kathy Godek
2013 Kathy Godek then Eileen Walczak (acting)
2014 Eileen Walczak (acting and by Committee
2015 - 2022 Sheryl Mardeusz
October 9, 1991
September 9, 1992
August 30, 1993
June 5, 1996
October 2002
October 19, 2006
August 30, 2011

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